What is Fusion Bellydance?

Fusion Style Bellydance blends ATS bellydance, Oriental Bellydance, Classical Indian dance styles, hip hop, contemporary and various other dance forms. Fusion Bellydance is known for it’s serpentine, sinuous, artistic expression and is noticeably different from traditional bellydance styles based on its emphasis in arm work as well as strength and flexibility in movements.


Along with nature connection, I’ve always loved dancing.

I decided to wander the United States instead of attend college. In this way I discovered the most interesting of vagabonds who I remember trading herbs and smiles with in exchange for lessons of fire dancing with poi (poi spinning is a flow performance art that originated with the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand.) This became my first real taste of dance performance. In 2006, one afternoon after performing with fire poi in a market in St. Augustine, Florida, I saw a tribal belly dance troupe of dancers for the first time. I remember saying to my partner, 

“I want to do that.”

Soon after my first son was born a year later, I signed up for my first bellydance class and I have been in love ever since. Naturally attuned with the earthy pelvic dance form, in 2008 I was asked to perform bellydance in restaurants and festivals with a local middle eastern, Salaam Shalom, band mainly in fusion bellydance style.

Over the years, the more I bellydanced, the more I came to recognize the incredible holistic healing benefits to be I was receiving thru this movement art form. Consistent practice of the articulated body isolations delivered a sense of groundedness and strength in my body. Sinuous undulations became a flexibility-building focused meditation, a vacation from the modern ultra-fast-paced-mind and parenting.

Through the following years I have performed at countless events in the Midwest, from restaurants to music festivals to circus-performer events to wedding parties. I have performed on stage with talented musicians like Hannah Jon Taylor and Rising Appalachia. I studied with  amazing teachers in genres from oriental, Egyptian/ traditional/ folk style, ATS bellydance styles and Classical Indian dance. 

In 2013 I began to offer dance lessons and classes in Fusion Bellydance instruction. While I still study with ultra-gifted teachers like Zoe Jakes Rachel Brice and Moria Chappell, I still continue to learn so much about myself and dance movement thru my students.